Welcome to the Åland Harvest Festival
22-24 september 2017

Movie from the festival (english version) 

Autumn is wonderful on Åland!

The Harvest Festival is a joyful event and an essential part of the autumn on Åland arranged by the association Skördefestens Vänner r.f. This popular event highlights the beautiful autumn colours and offers exciting encounters – the consumer meets the producer, young meets the old, the town-dweller meets the farmer. During the Harvest Festival you can discover the Åland countryside and meet down-to-earth people in beautiful environs. Here you can also buy delicious harvest products – everything from meat products to vegetables, bread, marmalades and handicraft. You can also enjoy delicious and fresh local meals. Visit our website and plan your route according to the sales of your favourite products and meals!All products are produced on Åland. Come and learn more about the life in the country! For more information scroll down.


Opening hours Friday-Saturday 11-21 and Sunday 11-17


(FINSTRÖM) At Marskogens Lamb you will find spicy beer sausage and sausage used for sandwich fillings. You will taste a variety of flavours, such as juniper berry/pepper, herbs/garlic and cognac. Enjoy a cold smoked and warm smoked lamb or pork roast, grilled sausage, lamb racks and other charcuterie products. The cold smoked sheep roast and several of the sausages have won medals in Swedish and Finnish food competitions. Lamb wool yarn and sheep skin, jewelleries with handmade pearls and tin forging are sold in the farm shop. There are also salesmen that sell vegetables, spices, cheese, bread, inlays and crafts.



(FINSTRÖM) Experience an old fashioned  farm in a nearly untouched state. In the genuine, child friendly environment on Karl-Ers farm there are sheep, chickens and horses you can pet and look at. Here, there are locally produced vegetables and root vegetables, oven baked, bread, fish, crafts, sea buckthorn products, flowers and a lot of other things.


(FINSTRÖM) Visit one of Europe’s biggest photo technical museums. Here, there is a big exhibition area of 275 square meters with all the things you can imagine from photographs and films. Beyond that there is brad, cookies, inlays, apple, honey and handmade jewellery for sale.

4. CEDERBERGS open on Sunday

(SALTVIK) At Cederbergs there is a unique museum with old everyday objects. You can also see the location of all the farms, on Åland, old and new. Here children can jump in the hay, greet the animals and learn how a windmill works. There is an exhibition of old and new tractors. You can buy vegetables, fruits, potatoes, pastries, meat, sheepskin, smoked fish and timbered logs.
NEW FOR THIS YEAR: Mobile apple cider factory.


(SALTVIK) At Haga Kungs Farm, modern milk production is conducted in an environment where old meets new. The Ålandic dairy and bakery will attend at the farm with products for sale and activities. Here you can buy cheese, try different samples, buy oven baked bread, yoghurt, ice cream and freshly made donuts. At Haga Kungs Farm there are a lot of things to see and you will find plenty of activities that suits the whole family.


(JOMALA) Housed in an old, charming wooden house from 1925 is Brobacka guesthouse with a homely café and a small shop. Here you can buy crafts, gifts for loved ones, vegetables and homemade coffee bread.


(SALTVIK) Here we breed potatoes from 60 different Ålandic potato farms where we turn them into crisps. Visit one of the biggest industries on Åland and learn a lot about crisp manufacturing during guided tours in the factory, around the grounds and in the storage rooms. Of course we offer taste samples! Remember to check out the trucks and bounce in the bouncy castle.

8. BAKA open on Sunday

(SUND) In the small bakery we bake with ecological, locally produced commodities. Buy freshly baked bread and pastries, Ålandic delicacy and local crafts. Take the chance to see the bakery when it is in full speed. Enjoy a nice Fika (coffee and pastry) or try one of our own tasty pizzas! For the children there are cute animals and a make your own marzipan figure workshop.
NEW FOR THIS YEAR: Our own tasty pizzas.


(SUND) At Matts in Finby, farming and milk production is traditionally conducted at a small scale. The milk comes from the farms where they own five cows that can help make cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products. The dairy farm products are on sale, along with handcrafted lamb in various shapes and sizes, along with plenty of other things.
NEW FOR THIS YEAR: Our own dairy farm ice cream for sale.
NOTE: The loft with all the salesmen and café will close at 20.00 on Saturday due to preparations for the Harvest dance. The dairy will be open for purchase of products. The Smith will also be open at this time.

10. THE SAWMILL IN LUMPARBY open on Sunday

(LUMPARLAND) Visit the reconstructed sawmill and the exhibition of veteran tractors and old motors. We serve Ålandspannkaka (a thick pancake with whipped cream and jam) and coffee with a piece of cake. Here you can buy crafts, bread, jam, juice and other things.

11. LUMPARBY OLLAS  open on Sunday

(LUMPARLAND) Café and craft in a cosy, old farm environment. At our place you can enjoy a cup of coffee with homemade pastries, eat some delicious food or just take it easy and enjoy your surroundings. There are plenty of different craftsmen that gather on the farm to sell their products. Together with the villages other participants, we create a unity with a wide range of variety. Everything is within walking distance, welcome to Lumparby!

12. UTGÅRD open on Sunday

(LUMPARLAND) Old meets new at Utgård in the centre of Lumparby. Visit the places where all the tractors are kept, the farm workshops and tool sheds. Sea buckthorn from the farms own cultivation, crafts, bread, vegetables, jam and a lot of other things that are sold. Enjoy a nice burger from Ladugrillen or a cup of coffee with a snack at the same time as you look out over Kapellviken. At the farm there is also an exhibition of machines and mopeds as well as plenty of activities for the children.


(LUMPARLAND) At the animal farm Vestergårds in Lumparby you find happy pigs, cattle and chickens. We also have cuddly sheep that loves it when they get scratch behind the ears and calves. During the Harvest Festival the farms own meat is for sale. We hope you enjoy your time where the animals and children is in main focus. Food from the pub is served Friday from 5 PM and all day during Saturday. Live music from 6 PM both Friday and Saturday in the pub. 


(LEMLAND) Amalias Lemonade Factory are proud to be the only genuine lemonade factory in Åland and Finland that produces lemonade in a traditionally artisanal way of high class natural commodities.



(MARIEHAMN) When you drive along the beach on the east side of Mariehamn it is difficult to miss the Maritime quarter. There is a lively maritime environment with all sorts of crafts and forging offered. There is also a museum, restaurant, boat building guides and our own little chapel. You can take a stroll around a traditionally Ålandic sea area with boat houses and sheds.

Opening hours Friday-Saturday 11-21 and Sunday 11-17

16. GASTROPUB BODEGAN open on Sunday

(ECKERÖ) Very near the water’s edge among gray boat houses, where it used to be the villages salt warehouse you find Gastropub Bodegan. Here our friendly staff will serve you tasteful and well made food on the docks. If it is rainy and chilly you can snuggle at glazed-in the porch.

17. SOLTUNA open on Sunday

(GETA) On the top of Geta mountains is Soltuna Café and Restaurant, with a breathtaking view over the Geta forest and the powerful Northern Sea. Enjoy an exciting Harvest Festival buffet with over 50 warm and cold dishes and a table full of desserts with everything you could wish for.

18. BASTÖ BYKROG open on Sunday

(FINSTRÖM) Here we will serve you a buffet with tapas from all around the world, made on Ålandic commodities as a basis. What about tapas from Greece, Thailand, Spain and Russia? We also offer a á la carte menu with classical archipelago dishes with homemade apples from Åland and homemade custard sauce.


(SUND) At Smakbyn in Kastelholm, Sund you can find everything for those who enjoy tasty flavours. Try our delicious Harvest Festival buffet made by Michael Björklund, based on local commodities and the autumn harvest. Try a Fika, walk around in our wine cellar, buy something from our salesmen in the distillery, or why not try our own products from Smakbyn’s distillery? You can also buy our apple wine and dinner and take it home with you. For the children there is treasure hunting and a quiz walk. We offer proper, locally produced food with a smile on our faces. Welcome!

20. FURULUNDSGÅRDEN open on Sunday

(SUND) Welcome to Furulundsgården, named the best Harvest Festival Restaurant of the year in 2014. We hunt and pick berries and mushrooms at our own land around the farm and in the Ålandic archipelago. Our findings is the fundamental in our popular menu, which you can enjoy in our restaurant. Our special seabird is famous both in the western and eastern part of Åland.


(MARIEHAMN) The students at the Hotel and Restaurant School of Åland serve autumn soups made from the years’ harvest complimented with exciting supplementary homemade bread.


(MARIEHAMN) At Pub Niska the famous “plåtbröd” (pizza) is served. A bit thinner, a bit tastier and additionally you enjoy your “plåtbröd” in a cosy environment inspired by the smugglers king Algot Niska and his life. All the “plåtbröd” have a foundation with homemade tomato sauce and cheese from the Åland dairy. On top of that we have tasty toppings like alandic beef and delicious sauces like bearnaise and aioli.


(MARIEHAMN) Regardless if you are craving a proper and well composed dinner or just a glass of champagne together with appetizers, there will be something for you at Kvarter 5. In our inviting atmosphere and modern environment is it easy to hang out – sit in the bar or any of the comfortable armchairs in the blaze of the warm heater. There is plenty space here for both small and large companies.

24. SITTKOFFSKA GÅRDEN open on Sunday

(MARIEHAMN) In the heart of Mariehamn you can enjoy well made food in an old fashioned environment. You cannot find many places like this in other city centres. Adherence to the restaurant is a “farm shop” filled with Ålandic products. Here you can buy yoghurt, butter and cheeses from Ålandic dairy, apple juice from Grannas, Amalia’s lemonade, sausage from Dahlmans and Sittkoffks gården’s own products.


(MARIEHAMN) On Ångbåtsbryggan’s glazed-in terrace can you see straight inside our live-kitchen. At the heart of our restaurant is the charcoal grill, where we make the main courses, starters and desserts. By cooking all our food on a barbeque with real charcoal we can bring the genuine tastes without the help from any gas or electricity.

PLÅPP ÅPP  (Plåpp Åpp is the Ålandic translation for Pop Up)
They are time-bound activities that pop ups here and there

(ECKERÖ) Come along on an adventure among deer, ostrich, lamas and wild boar. Here you have the possibility to see animals really up close and pet many of them for a small fee. In the safari shop you can buy among other things such as deer sausage.
Plåppar Åpp:
Saturday 12.00-16.00. Excursions every hour. Each excursion takes about 45 minutes.


(FINSTRÖM) Become a juice pro in no time! David at Saftstugan (juice cottage) will show you how fast and easy it is to make juice from your own harvest. The juice from David’s own apples are already for sale. For those who want to taste a Fika we offer coffee and waffles with apple jam and whipped cream.


(SALTVIK) More information to come


(FINSTRÖM) Gastropub, certified according to Greenkey. This year’s food ambassador.
Plåppar Åpp:
Friday 16.00-23.00
Saturday 16.00-23.00


(JOMALA) Competition/Sports activity – “who is the strongest farmer on Åland?”
Plåppar Åpp: Saturday at 13.00


(FINSTRÖM) Join us at Karl-Ers in Bjärström, Södra Finströms Byalag. There will be a sale and children activities.


(HAMMARLAND) Drink coffee and feast on the cookie buffet. Check out our small museum that tells you all about the farms 400 year old story. Do not miss out on the veteran tractors. Here you can buy home baked things such as jams, juice, inlays, felted objects and home dyed yarn. You can also buy flowers, apples, schallot (onion) and all sorts of root vegetables.
Plåppar Åpp:
Friday 13.00-17.00
Saturday 12.00-18.00


(JOMALA) More information to come.
Plåppar Åpp:
Friday: 12.00-17.00
Saturday: 12.00-17.00


(JOMALA) More information to come


(JOMALA) In the old butchery in Gölby they have a remake of a living workshop. Nowadays Judy Kuitunen is the potter there. In her workshop she transforms mud into delightful plates, mugs, bowls and plenty of other ceramics products. Besides that you can buy local products and enjoy ecological goodies in the café.
Plåppar Åpp:
Friday 11.00-18.00
Saturday: 11.00-18.00


(JOMALA) Harvest service in the church at 11.00 with Harvest lunch afterwards. Sale and auction of harvest products and homemade crafts.
Plåppar Åpp:
Sunday: 11.00-15.00


(MARIEHAMN) Welcome to a breakfast from Åland. At Arkipelag our Ålandic breakfast is a naturally filling plate that we want to offer all our guests. A lovely taste by Åland – in season and according to access. The breakfast cost 15€.
Book a table at +358 (0)18 24020 or via e-mail info@hotellarkipelag.ax
Plåppar Åpp:
Friday 7.00-10.00
Saturday 7.00-10.00
Sunday 7.00-10.00


(MARIEHAMN) Pingst church invites a peaceful worship where we thank the lord for this year’s harvest. Children between the ages of 4 and 12 can participate in Sunday school. After the worship there will be soup for lunch in favour for the project of building a school in Burkina Faso. Welcome!
Plåppar Åpp: Sunday 11.00-15.00


(LEMLAND) Come and meet the goats at Wätteros farm. Or why not try to milk and perhaps meet the kid.


(LEMLAND) Museum with coffee hut where an old fashioned cookie buffet is laid out served with seven different varieties. Here there are also waffles with several different jams from the harvest season, like berries and fruits. In the bake house, traditionally Ålandic bread is made in a wooden oven. The bread is sold warm and comes straight from the oven. Enjoy the beautiful museum garden shows, a photo exhibition, a playground for the children, films and plenty more.
Plåppar Åpp:
Sunday 11.00-17.00


(LEMLAND) Challenge yourself in true Harvest Festival spirit! The Harvest race is a cross-country race at Haddnäs Farm, with harvest inspired obstacles that goes through fields, along the beach, in the forrest and dirt roads. This year there are 4 categories that suits all the entire family, childrens bike and running heat and bike and running heat for adults. 
Plåppar Åpp:
Saturday kl XX – XX
Register on place from kl XX


(LEMLAND) Fish smokehouse down at scenic Herrön in Lemland. This year we have a new green house! Take a stroll in the smokehouse and familiarize yourself with the cultivation of grapes. Eat a piece of food or have a cup of coffee and enjoy the serenity by the beach. There will be salesmen and children activities.
Plåppar Åpp:
Friday 11.00-16.00
Saturday: 16.00-21.00


(LEMLAND) Visit the farm museum from the end of the 18th century in pristine condition. Here no water and electricity have been used. In the café we serve among other things like Ålandspannkaka (a thick pancake special from Åland) with jam and whipped cream. You can buy bread, jam, juice, stove roses and other crafts.



(JURMO, BRÄNDÖ) Fall in love with Jurmo! The small island in the north east part of the Ålandic archipelago is waiting for you. Take a tour with the tractor, meet the long haired Highland Cattle cows and the sheep that graze the fields, walk along the paths in the nature and take a look at the view from the look out tower. This year we arrange Harvest Festival dance at 9 PM. 
Plåppar Åpp:
Saturday 11-21


(JURMO; BRÄNDÖ) Welcome to Café and Restaurant Kvarnen at Jurmo! Jurmo is a genuine vital island in the north east part of the Ålandic archipelago. Here you can see Highland Cattle cows, the village’s pride. At Kvarnen we serve tasty, ecological beef dishes and fish dishes. The Highland Cattle meat is for sale in the store. 
Plåppar Åpp:
Saturday 11 – 21.


Enjoy a nice moment in the world of yoga together with Yoga Samprema, in a peaceful environment at different Open Farms. The soft hathayoga suits everyone, from beginner to experienced yoga practician no matter what age, as long as you can move freely. There are a few yoga mats to lend, but if you have you own, please bring it. Price: 5 €/class.
Plåppar Åpp:
Friday at 18 in Jehuset, Sjökvarteret.
Saturday at 11 – 12 outside at Brobacka Gästhem (depending on the weather).
Saturday at 18 in Jehuset, Sjökvarteret.






For more information please contact:

Skördefestens Vänner r.f.
Liz Mattsson
Tel +358 (0)18 329 810
Mobile +358 (0) 457 344 5676